Thursday, July 8, 2010


This question is often asked of collectors and some do. There are a few who buy only Rodney Kent, Everlast, or perhaps Palmer-Smith. Their reasons range from liking the style, to there being a family connection. Their collections are often formidable with examples of every item made by their chosen company.
Like the majority of collectors I have favorite pieces from many different companies. Some are great for serving; some are better for displaying. Some companies did fantastic art work; some used more innovative trim such as handles or finals to create their special look.

In 1980 when we visited the Forge, this plaque was given to me by Bull Knecht with the information that small plaques such as this are copies of the original "Calling Card" used by the Forge in its early days when they were presented as an example of the quality of their work.I hope that after all these years I have the story correct. It is an exquisite piece of work.

The companies that are displayed most proximately here at home are (!) Wendell August (2) Arthur Armour, and (3) Canterbury Arts. These are mostly trays which are easy to hang with plate hangers, and silent butlers which are not at all easy to to get to hang straight!

During these past years I did little shopping but was fortunate to be able to buy directly from another collector, a number of items that would have taken years to find in the shops.

Thia is a great display piece made by Chris Rossi

The World drink set and Wendell August holder with the ceramic Madonna shown in an earlier blog were part of this lucky purhase.

What would be your favorite subjects to feature on future blogs. Possibilities could include:
pictures of my collection
photos of individual companies
known information about each company
general prices
sales lists
shared photos,information and questions from other collectors (this should be an ongoing event)


  1. Hmmm... all of the above altho having both of your books and several years of the Aluminist I could be selfish and see leaving out the "known information about each company".

    Sale prices of unusual pieces would be interesting.

    I think "shared photos,information and questions from other collectors (this should be an ongoing event)" and *pictures of your collection* would be at the top for me.

    [BTW I have no idea how to follow with Google or what profile to select for my comment... I came here thru FaceBook.] I am Blog challenged!

  2. After an hour of research to try to comment, I discovered I have a Google account! I cannot join the Followers, tho, as it warned that my URL is too long! ...huh?

    AND as long as I opened another comment window, should add that I do have some items I have sold in the past to share should that become a possibility :)

  3. Seaneen, I wrote an answer to all of the above a moment ago and lost everything befor I could post it. Oh well!
    Liked your suggestions.Thanks.
    Re.Your URL being too long. Did you enter every single symbol or just ? If this short version won't work we need to complain load and clear and join the pages and pages of other complaints that they claim they are working to fix.

  4. Tried again - same URL - and it worked. I am now following!! The avatar was a photo taken in my old shop - is in a book published about St. Paul - but the neat part is that I am wearing my fave Hammered Aluminum pendant and chain. It has a cuff bracelet to match - unmarked - same pattern as the one on very top of page 169 of Book Two [Suthrland Collection]

  5. Just found your blog while searching on google for information on the "Falling Leaves" pattern that Mary Wright, Russel Wright's wife, designed for Everlast Neocraft. Does your books include any information about this company, especially the history and the pattern mentioned above? I want to learn more about this pattern, how many leaf designs that the Wrights designed. Any and all information will be appreciated.

  6. I'm sorry that I cane be of little help to you. Although the Wrights did a large amount of serving pieces in aluminum, the shape and style seem to be much more predominant than using motifs. I once had a patio cart with its accessories in the Fallen Leaves pattern and I had or may still have a hot pad in that design. A butler's tray is pictured in my first book but none in the second. Although I have not sorted through the many photos that I have, I do not remember seeing that pattern.
    If you can add to our store of information, we would all be interested!

    There are in our group several collectors more knowable than I, and we may get more information from them.

  7. I'm a buenilum gal. I love the twisty handles. My Mom has a huge collection which I'm lucky enough to get castoffs. I was thrilled to find a blog on Aluminum.