Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mail Bag

      We may never have a record of all the motifs used by those companies of long-ago, and possibly, not even a list of all the companies themselves. For the latter, a collector dedicated to this research has done a lenghy list of these, together with the styles they used. That's something to share another today.
      A record of motifs is the ongoing project for the Aluminist, but first it's time to catch up on on our mail.
Photos of several previously unknown (at least to me), arrived this month. Have you seen these?

candlebra #380
Closer view of motif on
both inside and out of
ring and on 'feet'.
This candlebra is 12" tall and has candle cups that are distinctly in the Palmer-Smith style.  We've seen this Stars motif on several pieces - but not near as often as his other motifs.

candlebra #375

Continental condiment set
Another photo is of an Everlast piece and was described as a candle holder.

For any Contental lover, this would be a great addition to their collection.With its wrapped handle and tiny spoons, it is a piece to be proud of. Its number was not given.

The Continental catalog is not yet scanned and may never be. But I have hope! My copy is a copy of a collector's orriginal and was made many years ago. Over the years, reproductions have been used by many HACA members, and although they were far from being good quality, have helped identiy the purpose of many puzzling items, shown what complete sets consisted of, and helped to identify indistenct numbers on existing pieces.

Several Collectors' questions were saved for this post but computer problems have them temporily hidden somewhere in that place the system buries the things I need. This little laptop seems to have had a major computerquake - something near 6.5 magnitude following a couple of months of minor disturbances.

Maybe in a few more weeks I'll be adjusting to to foibles of a new laptop.