Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Magazine caddies and early aluminum items

These pictures were received before Christmas from someone hoping we could furnish some information concerning age, maker and value. My only conclusion is that from the appearance of the hammer marks the piece is not hand hammered. It reminds me of a waste basket that I have that was made by West Bend. However, my waste basket may not be as sturdy as the caddy shown

Caddy is 17" high including the upright handle, and is 20"long
It is 12' wide and shows no dents  so  may was probably used
for magazines.

From my collection, this magazine holder is rather unusual with it's wooden base and divider/handle.

The low relief motif is a hunting scene.
Made by L Gene Stewart.

When Hammered Aluminum, Hand Wrought Collectibles was first published in 1983, we received a flood of letters listing many kitchen items made of aluminum that various collectors had accumulated. Most of these were utilitarian and usually more useful than many of today's "updated" items. I have a few of those myself and treasure their place in my kitchen.

Top, dated 1906,on handle
 Denison Fair inscribed in

Over the years, as the special gleam of aluminum drew me to display tables, I accumulated a few very useless item that I thought were interesting. The mirror had an interesting but fabricated story behind it, some pieces were dated and some I bought simply because I could not resist aluminum....well, they were a bit unique and old!
The larger hair pin has
rhinestones; the smaller is
simply twisted.

The handle has a pressed design;
the back of the brush is
decorated with a macrame  type of cord work

Delicate flowers at either end of
both sides of the comb.
Marked Aluminum Manotoc

Blogger is refusing to load several other photos, one of a glasses case and one of a note pad holder dated 1908.
Another time when the system is more agreeable!