Friday, April 15, 2011


Celloni pitchur
I receive more questions about prices than any other subject. The latest is on hold, hoping for some play back from you readers.    Even in early 1993 there was a fifty dollar gap extending as high as $100 and possibly higher on this Cellini pitcher.
Then the novelty of a new collectible wore off and people moved on.
 Now? Maybe  the same, Maybe less. I do not expect it to be more because money is tight at present and pitchers are not as popular as some other objects. Today a collector in hoping for pricing assistance and I hope you can help with what you have seen or what you might pay for this pitcher.

I have been watching a number of other pieces and can give a tentative summary of what I have found:
   Lightweight items with pressed motifs and no hammering.....$9.99-$12.00
   With its original style of glass insert.....add $10.00
   Marked items with hammering.......$14. -$24.
   Rodney Kent, all ways popular and because of its attractive use of glass is   
Sm.Rodney Kent basket

   usually priced accordingly.......$24. - $45.
   This attractive little nut or candy was seen on Etsy at $5.  Often seen for $15. Proves how much prices vary. 
   A group of small 5x11 trays was seen (36) priced at 
$5 each. I believe these had a hammered appearance with a pressed floral motif. 
   Farber Shleven basket with china plate inset,,$40.

Candy dish, 3 sections, appears to be Continental, 

$25. In my opinion, the candy would be worth more
than the handled Farber Shleven basket. More usable. Just my opinion!

Unfortunately, my eyesight has not been normal since an accident 3-17-11 so I have not been able to post the great amount of information that I had planned. 

All of us who are collecting aluminum or are hoping to downsize our collections would appreciate having your input on prices  and/or a description of your wants or sale items. Others are awaiting you help.