Friday, October 29, 2010

Cast Aluminum by Don Drum

     Years after the Palmer-Smith forge had ceased it’s  metal wares production, and about the time the demand for these goods had begun to decline, another artist and metal worker made his debut.
     Don Drum, the grandson of a blacksmith, the son of a welder,  grew up among metal workers. His catalog  states that in 1958 he pioneered the use of cast aluminum as an artistic medium..
     Of course, we are aware of the use of cast aluminum as added decoration in many of the Palmer-Smith items and as handles and knobs on the wares of many other companies, but Drum concentrated on wall hangings, trivets, and candle holders. He also made several styles of casseroles and trays. All of these were vastly different from those of Palmer-Smith, and in fact, apparently nothing like them had been seen before although Bruce Fox was in production at about the same time and made some items that could be considered very imaginative.
     The photos shown here are from a catalog of the eighties. One needs to imagine these pieces photographed with today's improved technology in both photographing and in printing.  Look at each closely to see the detail and you may find surprises. Drum apparently enjoyed producing designs of mythical figures, birds, and angels. 

wall hanging
wall hangong
wall hanging/angel

soup tureen
candle holder/bird
candle holder.
You guess at the design!
Christmas tree candle holder

As much as I've enjoyed showing the photos of some rather unusual styles of aluminum, and as much as I hate to leave so much information unpublished, its time to present some work done by repousse.   Shall we concentrate show a variety of companies?

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