Friday, June 3, 2011

Auction photos

Unusual lamp.

Recent information from the Conestoga Auction Company:

We are anticipating the catalogs to be ready in approx. 2 weeks. The catalog will be just the listing of the lots, with no photographs. The photographs and the descriptions will be posted online through as soon as it is completed. Anyone who is interested in the sale can either call or email us to order the free listing, or view the items online at anytime. There will be a link on our website that will lead anyone directly to the online catalog.

The Aluminist will be notified once the list is online and the information will be passed on.

Here are he last of the photos sent earlier by the auction company. The remainder will be available online with a few transferred to the Aluminist blog.

I can make only tentative IDs of the above but they probably include Wendell August, Cellini, and Bruce Fox .Just guessing!

 Additional information has been added to the last post's photo identification.
See comment below.

The next issue will return to our normal posting of company backgrounds and products. Your thoughts and information are most welcome.