Thursday, May 3, 2012

Continental- Beyond the Mum

As we repeat time and time again, the Mum motif was, and still is, the all time favorite of the Continental wares. But, would it have been if the Pansy pattern had been expanded to include as many styles as those of the Mum?

Probably not, as the graceful stem of a shaggy mum lends itself to so many styles, whereas a single pansy would not be near as impressive.

Nevertheless, this large deep tray with its scalloped edge and wrapped handles is very near the top of my favorites list.

A matching sandwich tray is not nearly as attractive but its all-over
crowded-together grouping of pansies is very attractive. Imagine a pitcher covered in a cluster like this. Wow! I know these aren't the only items made with the pansy motif. Who has another?
Detail of motif

Another beautiful pattern is that of a group of roses..tea roses, I suppose they should be called...the large roses we all love to receive on special days. These dies were skillfully cut to subtly change the lighting whenever the tray is smooth plain surfaces in the motif anywhere.

Rose motif on tray with wild rose designed handles

Rose detail
Rose motif on tray with chopped corners and
different handles

Bird of Paradise
Diamond shaped daisy motif

If this group of photos makes  it intact to a published post, I'll consider my self very lucky. I've been chasing photos  back and forth , recopying   those that disappeared , for over an hour.   More  motifs are waiting in the album and that's where they'll stay tonight.  Today I got a message from a Rodney Kent collector  wondering if there was a  catalog any where.  Is there? Also inquired if the Aluminist would be interested in sharing photos of her collection. That would be a real boon to  all  RK collectors, especially  if   we could finally match photos and item numbers.         AND  IF THIS CONTRARY  BLOG SITE CAN BEHAVE LIKE IT HASN'T OVERINDULGED IN SOMETHING STRONGER THAN ICED TEA.