Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Aluminist: RODNEY KENT, catalog numbers, continued

The Aluminist: RODNEY KENT, catalog numbers, continued:            This little unmarked relish dish is complete with all its glass, lids and little plastic spoons (not shown) and is the type...

RODNEY KENT, catalog numbers, continued



 This little unmarked relish dish is complete with all its glass, lids and little plastic spoons (not shown) and is the type of Rodney Kent items that rate highly with the collectors. It is the general belief is that in later years the company quit stamping the logo and number and started using either stick-on labels or string tags.
       Pieces such as this are undeniably Rodney Kent, but there some lessor quality pieces that may be copies. They are very similar, but lack the depth of detail that is normal on the ribbon strip. Buyer beware!

Catalog numbers, continued....

436    plate, 5 ½”, raised lip
437    undertray, 8”, holds 10 oz. Pyrex  dish,  alum. lid w/applied ribbon-styled decoration & tulip finial
439    silent butler
440    buffet server, 8” x 12”indertray holds 1 ½ qt. Pyrex dish, Alum. cover
442    basket.  5” x 7”, ribbon and bow bail handle
443    buffet server, undertray holds 10” dish, end handles extend into feet.
444    crumb tray,  tray w/brush, brush has wooden handle w/alum. ribbon decoration, tray also has ribbon deco on handle.
446    coaster set, coasters in and caddy base in shape of petal tips, top handle
449    candy dish, hex shape,  bail handle. Also 5” x 8” pedestal dish
450    bowl, 10”, side handles.
453    pitcher, bar ice guard embossed w/tiny tulips.
455    undertray
456    Lazy Susan, 18” , 9 ½  “ height., holds glass dish
457    candy dish,  6 ½” dia., alum. caddy holds glass dish w/alum. lid. Applied ribbon deco and tulip finial.
458    Lazy Susan w/ five wedge-shaped  glass inserts,
459    caddy ring for glass candy dish w/alum lid w/applied ribbon decoration and tulip finial. Handles
460    plate or sm. tray, 11 ½” dia
461    butter dish & under tray, glass dish w/alum. lid with tulip finial.. Tray has no motif and tab handles.
462    relish server, center handle separates two triangular sections w/glass dishes
463    square under tray,
465    relish or jam jar on 5 ½” x 10” tray
466    bowl or basket, pedestal, bail type handle
467    bowl, footed, 10”, handles
468    candy, covered, ribbon design stem/pedestal plain round base.
469    tidbit, 2-tierm bottom sec, 11 ½”, top ,8”.  Height 5 ½”
470    butter dish ,sane as #461
471    Lazy Susan, 16”, flower and ribbon deco.
474    condiment set, handled triangular undertraynholds covered butterin center & two covered glass dishes
475    Chafing dish/warmer, holds baking dish w/alum cover w/applied ribbon deco and tulip finial. Ribbon & flower bands form handles and supporting legs.
478    tray, 16” dia.
479    sugar and creamer on tray, each piece has narrow, plainer version of ribbon and flower handles.

            I was pleased to fill in one blank from one of my own overlooked pieces, but I see there are over a dozen numbers needing descriptions. A collector has promised photos of her collection and may be able to include their numbers. 

            SOS to all collectors, if at all possible, please check your RK pieces for any of the above numbers with missing descriptions. A complete number and description list would be great - one with accompanying photos would be fabulous.

            Another unmarked Rodney Kent piece, a breakfast set, I believe - two butter dishes, to jam jars and a toast rack. The lids are taped down.


Unmarked casserole holder, w/o dish, but
 identical to one shownin my Bk. 2
.marked Crown. A  Pyrex dish
#024-624B-E-DD fits this ring.
For sale by Kermit

Continental tumblers w/mum motif. Can
probably be purchased in small groups .
For sale byKermit

Continental tray #594
For sale by Kermit

Unmarked Cromwell sugar and creamer
set.$14.00 Free Shipping
For sale by Dannie

Hoping for more information and photos to share in next post.