Friday, December 13, 2013

The Aluminist: Starting again

The Aluminist: Starting again: Quadruple this and imagine what my collection  looked like over a year ago when I started taking pictures and selling on eBay. Then in the...

Starting again

Quadruple this and imagine what my collection  looked like over a year ago when I started taking pictures and selling on eBay. Then in the midst of all the clutter I fell and broke my hip. Fortunately, with a good supply of photos on my computer I was able to continue listing pieces for sale, and almost all my sale items are gone - and even better, I am  walking unassisted most of the time. Life is certainly easier when a you're able to navigate without wheels.

Ebay has been interesting. There have been a number of interesting items appear. It has also been depressing to see the low prices. Now is the time for new collectors  to accumulate a nice collection.

I have been contacted by numerous heirs to large collections, needing advice on the best way to dispose of their inherited collections. Somehow, these will gradually find their way into the marketplace. In fact, I was supposed to inherit the collection of one of our long-time Aluminist subscribers, but his heirs fired  his lawyer, disregarded the will, and did as they pleased. As I recall, there were some nice pieces and I hope they were not sold as scrape.

NOTES FROM COLLECTORS: Can anyone help with answers?

We have a coaster set with 3 acorns on a triangular shaped coaster. A group of 9 in a holder. Have not been able to find anything related to that design.

 I have a Palmer Smith aluminum shelf that is a wheat pattern Regency ? number 621
it has a hammered half circle shelf with 6 balls attached underneath Three small , three medium and three large wheat shafts support the shelf and gather togeather at the bottom with a ball then two small (3 1/2" ) pieces of wheat. It measures app 17" long 14" across inside half circle shelf is 11" X 5 1/2" Has 2 2" applied decorative brackets for hanging
Can you tell me anything about it?    

 I recently purchased on Ebay a hammered aluminum ice bucket, unsigned, but clearly Rodney Kent with the tulips and handle design.  The seller said the handles were black, which he thought was unusual, so he tested them for silver and they were positive for sterling .925.  I obviously can have the handles tested myself to verify upon its arrival, but have you ever known a Rodney Kent aluminum piece to be mixed with sterling silver handles?

*** Has anyone seen the prices on a complete Continental punch bowl set-bowl, tray, ladle & 12
       cups? The last one I saw was $500 in the leaf and acorn pattern. I’ve heard of one in the Wild
      Rose pattern for $285 that slight damage to the tray.
*** How about the price on Continental goblets in Chrysanthemum?
***Did Rodney Kent produce tumblers?


William Freeman passed away at his home in Granada Hills, CA after a two-decade struggle with chronic renal disease.

Anne Sutherland, wife of Doug Sutherland passed away recently in Maryland.

Our condolences to the families of these old friends.

Hoping to be back soon,