Friday, December 3, 2010

HOLIDAY FUN with your aluminum

Unmarked Buenilum server 
     In the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives do we get to enjoy our aluminum? Do we set the table with real dishes get out the paper plates and plop the food on the table in its cooking vessel? 
Cellini Craft salad set
      Well now is the season to enjoy what we have in serving pieces. Thanksgiving is in the past and I hope you had at least one piece of aluminum on the table. Maybe a little server and ladle for cranberry sauce or perhaps a large bowl holding a harvest bounty of apples and nuts and a few fall leaves was placed in use.
Cellini candle holder
Arthur Armour casserole holder
      Now for Christmas and then New Year’s Eve parties…and Valentine Day…and Easter and then….on to the next! With your aluminum serving pieces, they’ll all look festive.
Continental salad set
      There some great pieces for casseroles, the backbone of any meal.  There are huge platters for the turkey or ham, and there are salad bowls or relish trays. There is even an oyster tray, made by Everlast that can be pressed into duty for deviled eggs, canapes or whatever, if oysters aren’t on your menu.
Everlast oyster tray
bowl not original
Tidbit tray by Canterbury Arts
 Rodney Kent piece used as
makeshift candle holder 
     Fill an ice bucket with greenery, set a pot of poinsettias inside. or even use it for ice! Do you have an aluminum punch bowl? Or a ladle that can dress up the old glass one? If you’re so fortunate as to have a nice crystal bowl
think how pretty its glitter will combine with all that polished aluminum. One collector who was in the catering business used her punch bowl to hold hot rolls!
     And then there’s those candle holders! Surround them with holly, nestle them among the poinsettias, set a large candle in a wine coaster or in the center of a round sandwich tray,
     Have fun and tell us what you’re planning to use. 

Many more in the next post. It's so much fun to have a usable collection