Friday, May 4, 2012

Continental- Beyond the Mum, continued

Another popular motif, the Wild Rose, was used on almost as many items as that of the Mum. Not near as striking, its small leaves with delicate veining and stems with tiny thorns are in contrast to the bold chrysanthemum.

Four stems of wild roses decorate this fluted plate

The Wild Rose was used in a decorative  panel
toping lids and  handles on trays and ice buckets

Not everyone was enamored by flower motifs. Many
companies incorporated sports scenes into their
products, mostly on trays or smoking accessories.


Fox hunters

Elk and calf with flying geese overhead.            

The Corduroy motif.
This was also a popular pattern for those who preferred.
a simpler, more tailored  look. One theory is that this
motif and that of the Paisley, were the last produced by
Continental...the Corduroy items are generally a lighter gauge
aluminum and the Paisley is a stamped design.

Paisley motif

A detailed and rare landscape. This photo is from the collection of Ed Gangawere, whose outstanding
Continental collection and record were destroyed by fire. For a short time Ed published
The Continental Report.  One issue featured the sketch of another unusual  motif shown below.If
anyone has an item with this motif, please share. 

Unnamed motif.
Today's problems are probable more operator ones than Blogger although some of the photos have been a little difficult to corral. These things have their own way of doing things and do not bend to my will...NEVER.  In turning through my notebooks of information, I discovered several things that might be of interest to you Continental collectors: The catalog, the catalog's price list, and a list identifying numbered items. Also in the catalogue there several pages of a very plain line of items, appearing more of the style of silver pieces. They may have been catalog is not within reach, at the moment.

A sale issue is in the works. a collector has some choice mum items, and I am photographing and downsizing some old and unusual ... and some that are simply great to display or use.