Monday, April 9, 2012

Wendell August Forge Motifs, #3

      The Forge, as the longest producing maker of aluminum gift wares, has such an extensive list of wares and motifs that the task of cataloging their entirety would be practically impossible for most collectors. We collectors usually consider the wars made between 1930 and 1978 as the "old aluminum" that we love to collect. 
      Bill Knecht, who became the owner of the Forge in 1978, agreed with this limitation, perhaps a little unhappily, but he too, loved the old aluminum, and backed our efforts whole heartily, as we began to record the background of aluminum wares.
     Before long, Bill added the letter "K' and "touch-marks" to the Forge's mark. This has been a boon to collectors, for it helps date the piece and it identifies the craftsmen and the die-maker. This chart  is a guide to some of the pieces in our collections. 
Saguaro cacti––tray motif
Sea horses––tray motif
Leaf motif on box lid.

Rhododendron  (?)
Swan motif on a small bowl

Looked in my storage closet this afternoon and thought I was in the midst of a nightmare. Shelves and shelves of aluminum met my eyes. I tried to forget that there are more shelves holding aluminum and also a few boxes stored in my old office building.  Some of my daughters and granddaughters  are fond of aluminum, but they can absorb only a limited amount.  A huge yard sale is planned ,,,probably months from now. Until then....

 Today's sale pieces, prices plus shipping not yet determined
Everlast w/rose motif

Continental w/mum, appl'd leaves
Everlast double tidbit w/pine
motif      $12.

Continental bread.w/mum. appl'd leaves

Lots of projects in store here ...taking photos of aluminum, cataloging it, guests expected, weeds growing like crazy, and all needing attention NOW.

Hope to be more regular with future post.