Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Continental and Rodney Kent

The favorites:

The products of the Continental Silver Company are the most popular of all aluminum giftware's, if the number of viewers of Continental post can be used as a gauge. Since the Aluminist went online, there have been 2,516 page views of the post Continental Silver Company, their patterns.

The detailed motif of a large mum is outstanding and the innovative use of applied leaves added just the proper amount of additional interest.

In the heyday of hammered aluminum sales, these items were one of the most decorative of all pieces made for buffet service, with Rodney Kent a close competitor. And for the same reasons. Each line was attractive, even when filled with food. Rodney Kent's ribbon and flower handles, in my opinion, made the product slightly more attractive when pilled high with goodies, but the chrysanthemum flower was more detailed and striking than that of the tulip.

However, it was the Rodney Kent name that first became recognized as that of a salable product among the dealers during the first  years aluminum wares appeared in the market place.  Yet Rodney Kent has had only half as many views as Continental.

The tulip finial and ribbon handles and legs, make this another great buffet piece. Rodney Kent made many pieces using Pyrex or other bakeware. Glass pieces, including Ruby glass added sparkle to many of their buffet items. The piece below was photographed at an angle, in order to show the detail of the flower and ribbon pedestal.

I have no idea of which Rodney Kent piece in the favorite of collectors. For me, it might be one of those breakfast sets with jam and jelly jars and one with glass inserts for condiments. My favorite would definitely have some of their sparkling glass inserts.

On the other hand, the all-time favorite of the Continental company most definitely is the large coffee maker. Almost all are in prime using condition and are gorgeous. So are the cocktail shaker, the coffee server, the sugar and creamer.....the beautiful salad set, and above all, the punch set.

More pictures soon.