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The Aluminist: RODNEY KENT, catalog numbers, continued

The Aluminist: RODNEY KENT, catalog numbers, continued:            This little unmarked relish dish is complete with all its glass, lids and little plastic spoons (not shown) and is the type...

RODNEY KENT, catalog numbers, continued



 This little unmarked relish dish is complete with all its glass, lids and little plastic spoons (not shown) and is the type of Rodney Kent items that rate highly with the collectors. It is the general belief is that in later years the company quit stamping the logo and number and started using either stick-on labels or string tags.
       Pieces such as this are undeniably Rodney Kent, but there some lessor quality pieces that may be copies. They are very similar, but lack the depth of detail that is normal on the ribbon strip. Buyer beware!

Catalog numbers, continued....

436    plate, 5 ½”, raised lip
437    undertray, 8”, holds 10 oz. Pyrex  dish,  alum. lid w/applied ribbon-styled decoration & tulip finial
439    silent butler
440    buffet server, 8” x 12”indertray holds 1 ½ qt. Pyrex dish, Alum. cover
442    basket.  5” x 7”, ribbon and bow bail handle
443    buffet server, undertray holds 10” dish, end handles extend into feet.
444    crumb tray,  tray w/brush, brush has wooden handle w/alum. ribbon decoration, tray also has ribbon deco on handle.
446    coaster set, coasters in and caddy base in shape of petal tips, top handle
449    candy dish, hex shape,  bail handle. Also 5” x 8” pedestal dish
450    bowl, 10”, side handles.
453    pitcher, bar ice guard embossed w/tiny tulips.
455    undertray
456    Lazy Susan, 18” , 9 ½  “ height., holds glass dish
457    candy dish,  6 ½” dia., alum. caddy holds glass dish w/alum. lid. Applied ribbon deco and tulip finial.
458    Lazy Susan w/ five wedge-shaped  glass inserts,
459    caddy ring for glass candy dish w/alum lid w/applied ribbon decoration and tulip finial. Handles
460    plate or sm. tray, 11 ½” dia
461    butter dish & under tray, glass dish w/alum. lid with tulip finial.. Tray has no motif and tab handles.
462    relish server, center handle separates two triangular sections w/glass dishes
463    square under tray,
465    relish or jam jar on 5 ½” x 10” tray
466    bowl or basket, pedestal, bail type handle
467    bowl, footed, 10”, handles
468    candy, covered, ribbon design stem/pedestal plain round base.
469    tidbit, 2-tierm bottom sec, 11 ½”, top ,8”.  Height 5 ½”
470    butter dish ,sane as #461
471    Lazy Susan, 16”, flower and ribbon deco.
474    condiment set, handled triangular undertraynholds covered butterin center & two covered glass dishes
475    Chafing dish/warmer, holds baking dish w/alum cover w/applied ribbon deco and tulip finial. Ribbon & flower bands form handles and supporting legs.
478    tray, 16” dia.
479    sugar and creamer on tray, each piece has narrow, plainer version of ribbon and flower handles.

            I was pleased to fill in one blank from one of my own overlooked pieces, but I see there are over a dozen numbers needing descriptions. A collector has promised photos of her collection and may be able to include their numbers. 

            SOS to all collectors, if at all possible, please check your RK pieces for any of the above numbers with missing descriptions. A complete number and description list would be great - one with accompanying photos would be fabulous.

            Another unmarked Rodney Kent piece, a breakfast set, I believe - two butter dishes, to jam jars and a toast rack. The lids are taped down.


Unmarked casserole holder, w/o dish, but
 identical to one shownin my Bk. 2
.marked Crown. A  Pyrex dish
#024-624B-E-DD fits this ring.
For sale by Kermit

Continental tumblers w/mum motif. Can
probably be purchased in small groups .
For sale byKermit

Continental tray #594
For sale by Kermit

Unmarked Cromwell sugar and creamer
set.$14.00 Free Shipping
For sale by Dannie

Hoping for more information and photos to share in next post.



Tuesday, May 22, 2012


  From our collections...

        Many collectors have enjoyed a candy dish like this. This one holds a pale pink Fostoria glass dish. This may not have been the original glass. Mine was a clear glass and not being knowable about glass, I never identified it. 

      The combination of glass with the fancy flower and ribbon-styled handles and trim made some of the most attractive serving pieces on the market and today these pieces are usually the highest priced of all useable serving pieces. 
      If you frequent garage sales of flea markets , a missing glass insert may be found as a replacement..    Many glass manufacturers produced some standard styles and sizes and Rodney Kent was not the only purchaser. Without a complete record of Rodney Kent's products, we'll never be sure if our glass insert is original or one that has been paired later. Even if they fit perfectly, we can't be sure unless the shape is a unique one such as this square under tray and dish shown next.

      Until I saw these pieces together, I didn't trust the telephone description to be correct. The dish is a pale blue, opalescent type of glass, and that didn't fit with my image of clear or Ruby Red glass that I had seen in the past.

This piece has the rectangular mark.

The Rodney Kent company was especially adept at taking an item, such as a bowl, and using it as a basket, or adding handles, or setting it on a pedestal. An under tray often found itself holding a different type of glassware.

The coasters we are familiar with are shown below adapted into candle holders.

 The number list ... to be continued when Sandra can send her photographs. 

        Unless stated otherwise, all handled pieces are in the flower and ribbon design,    finials are of tulip design, and the motif is of tulips. The only piece without the tulip motif that I am aware of, is the under tray for the butter dish. As you will see, this list is not complete. Neither are the descriptions complete. Collectors, back in the days of the mail-out newsletter, kindly sent in descriptions of their numbered pieces and often forgot some part of the information. All their contributions are appreciated and any notes today’s collectors can add to this list will be a boon to all Rodney Kent collectors.

400    tray, 11 x 14, w/o handles
401    covered dish or candy box, all alum.
402    tray, 14” dia.
403    relish set, generally called dresser set. 2 glass dishes w/alum.
 lids and caddy
404    bread tray, 12”, scalloped lip, handles.
405    silent butler, 7”. Also toast tray.
406    bread tray, 12”, w/o handles, scalloped lip
407    casserole holder, pedestal, handles
408    tray, 12 x 16, handles
409    tray/basket, curved up edges, handle
410    compote, covered, 6” dia., finial, holds glass dish, ribbon styled stand, 6” height.
412    lazy Susan,  groups of tulips. Also rec. tray w/handles
413    lazy Susan, 18”
414    tray, 17” dia.
415 bowl , salad, 11” dia, pedestal,, 5” height, handles w/serving
            utensilsw/ribbon design handles
416    crumb tray, 2-piece
417    candy/nut dish,6”,  hex shape
418    candy/nut, 7”, fluted
420    cake basket, 7’ X 11”, bail type handle
421    plate, 11 ½”
422    bowl, 10”, loop handles
423    tray, 14” x 20”, handles
424    tray, 17 ½ handles
426    silent butler, 7 ½ dia.
427    silent butler, 5 ½ “ x, 7 ½”
428    silent butler, 5” x 7”, applied looped ribbon decoration beneath tulip finial
429    basket, 7”, turned up fluted edge, bail handle

                My list ends with #479 although I have a note of a #499 tray with no further description.
                 How great it would be to create a Rodney Kent catalog complete with photos and numbers.
                 More numbers and photographs soon.


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sale Issue


Houston Ramblers Polo team 4-23-38

Wendell August trsy, 8 x 23, commemorating 14th annual invitational polo tournament won by Houston Ramblers. Dated 4-23-38 with list of team members.#j-89   $65.00 plus shipping and ins. $14.00

Item J-98  Unmarked coaster set in sa eldom seen geometrical motif. Coaster in a square shape are also rare. I once had serval other items in this design...I think a pitcher...but can find no record in my inventory list.  Price: $10. plus $5. shipping.

Item J-97
Same design on attractive napkin holder. $10 plus $5. shipping. Buy both pieces, $18. Shipping $8

 Item TE-95   An interesting little Laird piece. Besides being a neat little relish holder, now I can visualize it as an interesting desk accessory for paper clips, and junk or on the dresser catching earrings.
$25.00 plus $5.00 shipping.  Ins. extra.

Iten J- 91 Wendell August 9x14 tray in Dogwood.
$q $20.00 plus $10 shipping & ins.

 #A-83 Wendell August bread tray in apple blossom, and the discontinued  notched edge
$8,00 plus $4.00 shipping. Ins extra

 Many of these stored pieces were bought because of their uniqueness and have been waiting for me to have an opportunity to take photographs for our future reference.There's hundreds more and some not so special will fill a few tables at a garage sale.Or maybe Craigslist.  Debating placing some of these better pieces there...also Ebay. 

I expected to have a large set of Continental tumblers (mum) and a few other Co. but the person has not responded to my last query concerning these.  Maybe next time.

Ph. 817-594-4680


Friday, May 4, 2012

Continental- Beyond the Mum, continued

Another popular motif, the Wild Rose, was used on almost as many items as that of the Mum. Not near as striking, its small leaves with delicate veining and stems with tiny thorns are in contrast to the bold chrysanthemum.

Four stems of wild roses decorate this fluted plate

The Wild Rose was used in a decorative  panel
toping lids and  handles on trays and ice buckets

Not everyone was enamored by flower motifs. Many
companies incorporated sports scenes into their
products, mostly on trays or smoking accessories.


Fox hunters

Elk and calf with flying geese overhead.            

The Corduroy motif.
This was also a popular pattern for those who preferred.
a simpler, more tailored  look. One theory is that this
motif and that of the Paisley, were the last produced by
Continental...the Corduroy items are generally a lighter gauge
aluminum and the Paisley is a stamped design.

Paisley motif

A detailed and rare landscape. This photo is from the collection of Ed Gangawere, whose outstanding
Continental collection and record were destroyed by fire. For a short time Ed published
The Continental Report.  One issue featured the sketch of another unusual  motif shown below.If
anyone has an item with this motif, please share. 

Unnamed motif.
Today's problems are probable more operator ones than Blogger although some of the photos have been a little difficult to corral. These things have their own way of doing things and do not bend to my will...NEVER.  In turning through my notebooks of information, I discovered several things that might be of interest to you Continental collectors: The catalog, the catalog's price list, and a list identifying numbered items. Also in the catalogue there several pages of a very plain line of items, appearing more of the style of silver pieces. They may have been catalog is not within reach, at the moment.

A sale issue is in the works. a collector has some choice mum items, and I am photographing and downsizing some old and unusual ... and some that are simply great to display or use.


Thursday, May 3, 2012

Continental- Beyond the Mum

As we repeat time and time again, the Mum motif was, and still is, the all time favorite of the Continental wares. But, would it have been if the Pansy pattern had been expanded to include as many styles as those of the Mum?

Probably not, as the graceful stem of a shaggy mum lends itself to so many styles, whereas a single pansy would not be near as impressive.

Nevertheless, this large deep tray with its scalloped edge and wrapped handles is very near the top of my favorites list.

A matching sandwich tray is not nearly as attractive but its all-over
crowded-together grouping of pansies is very attractive. Imagine a pitcher covered in a cluster like this. Wow! I know these aren't the only items made with the pansy motif. Who has another?
Detail of motif

Another beautiful pattern is that of a group of roses..tea roses, I suppose they should be called...the large roses we all love to receive on special days. These dies were skillfully cut to subtly change the lighting whenever the tray is smooth plain surfaces in the motif anywhere.

Rose motif on tray with wild rose designed handles

Rose detail
Rose motif on tray with chopped corners and
different handles

Bird of Paradise
Diamond shaped daisy motif

If this group of photos makes  it intact to a published post, I'll consider my self very lucky. I've been chasing photos  back and forth , recopying   those that disappeared , for over an hour.   More  motifs are waiting in the album and that's where they'll stay tonight.  Today I got a message from a Rodney Kent collector  wondering if there was a  catalog any where.  Is there? Also inquired if the Aluminist would be interested in sharing photos of her collection. That would be a real boon to  all  RK collectors, especially  if   we could finally match photos and item numbers.         AND  IF THIS CONTRARY  BLOG SITE CAN BEHAVE LIKE IT HASN'T OVERINDULGED IN SOMETHING STRONGER THAN ICED TEA.