Thursday, November 10, 2011


This post will be devoted to questions from reader. Some may have been posted before but I believe we've been a bit short of receiving helpful answers.

Today's question was a thought provoking one. I'm looking forward to your thoughts on this and all the others.

1. Is there any way of telling whether this Everlast Metal hand forged aluminum bowl, in the shape of a leaf, is part of the Mary Wright Fallen Leaves pattern?

2 .found a Palmer Smith aluminum bowl in a thrift shop. The # 2301 is stamped on bottom with the Palmer Smith logo. The bowl measures 7 1/2 inches with a trifoil leaf stamped design around inside edge.Can anyone tell me what it might be worth or more about its provenance? 
3.  My parents have many pieces of Palmer Smith Aluminum as well as embroidered linens.
Could you help me find someone who could place values on individual pieces?


4.   I currently have several pieces from the Rodney Kent aluminum collection.  One of them is the condiment set you pictured on your website.  However, I am missing one of the dishes and have been searching everywhere for a replacement. 

Do you have any idea which glass manufacturer was used for the collection?  Every time I see one of the condiment sets on Ebay, etc.,  it always has the same dish shown.  However, I find no markings what so ever on the bottom of the one dish I currently have.


5.  I am so fortunate to find this thread! i went to an estate sale and bought a continental antique beaten copper table crumber 2pc set w/ the chrysanthemum motif. #625

i can not find any information on the price as a set. i found 1 or 2 on ebay that just have the pan for anywhere from $30-80. is there any information on this? or what decade it might be from? or where the continental company was from? thanks! stefanie 

 6.  I just got a tray from a yard sale that is stamp on the bottom "continental silver co, WILD ROSE, brilliantone, 1023. Could you tell me if it's of any value and where I can sell it if so? I have two others that I got at the same place. One is round, no handles and stamped continental silver co Hand Wrought 580", the other is round and is stamped "Henry and Miller, and what looks to be "kraftware and trademark" below that. Any suggestions? Thanks .


You can see the value of an item is the most asked question. I expect the pricies will be as varied as they were in the past. 

On this blog, it is easy to post your comments by clicking on "comment"  and writing in the box that appears.Your email address remains private. I'm hoping for answers to these questions in order all of us may learn a little more.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

More Lamps

Continuing the posting of the lamp collection........and thanks to Charlie for sharing!

Wendell August lamp,
Pine motif
Detail of top design,
Pine motif

Detail of lamp base 

WAF with Crossed Swords and Crown 

WAF with Angel Fish motif


Detail of light section,

Angel Fish motifon lamp base

I have a project started for future posts to this blog.  My plan is to picture all the known motifs used in the early years of hammered aluminum production. It's an awesome undertaking and although I have an incomplete list of names, clear photos of each motif is a work in progress. 

Today, I couldn't wait to post thes lamp phtoes, part of the fabulous Weissman collection. Each lamp is shown with  a close-up of details.

This is a Wendell August Forge lamp with the thistle motiff. The detail on the base is more of the Palmer-Smith style.

The Greecian motif on another lamp made by the Forge. Below, another Forge lamp with the Greecian motif.

Detail of moti collector titled this

A floor lamp by the World 
company. Who would have
dreamed that they made

This lamp was another shocker for me. I never dreamed Canterbury Arts made anything as unique as a lamp. This moti is a favorite of mine. Finding the ingraver's name hidden among the detailed floweres and foliage has always been special. Does anyone have information about either C.C. Pflanz or J. Hattrick? One of our collector researchers ran into a suddenly closed door as he pursued details of the lives of these men. It's a puzzle.

In the past we have given descriptive names to many patterns that have no official names. Should this be called Floral Wreath? Floral Circle?  Rose and Thistle?

Detail o motif

Another lamp made by World, using a Swan motif.

I am amazed at these finds. Viewing these photos has been a real treasure hunt, and adds so much to our knowledge of the items produced in those long-ago days.

I'm experiencing some technical problems so am publishing this before all everything disappears, as this sentence did, a moment ago!