Friday, June 24, 2011

Auction catlog

As promised yesterday, here are more photos of the Conestoga auction pieces. They did not transfer at all well. The best way to view these is to go to the website and browse the entire aluminum listing and learn more about the colorful Blinko glass that is also included. Individual pieces are not described and each lot contains 3 to 11 or more pieces. I had hoped to include most of their photos but after trying several means of transfer, I found none that gave us a good quality image of the items.

This set includes what appears
 to be 2 sizes of tumblers
 and custard cups.
Continental in the leaf and acorn
Add caption

Bruce Fox


Occasionally the lots are listed by the same motif used by various companies.
These to the left appear to be Wendell August.
Wendell August in Pine
  Bruce Fox using fish accents    

All appear to be Buenilum
Picture frames by various makers

Everlast  Bamboo 

Animal motifs

Lighting devices. 

I am truly sorry for the quality of these photos. They are shown to give an idea of the great variety of aluminum wares that will be in the auction. Several bank lamps are shown in the catalog, more colored aluminum that we remember so well, and hundreds of other items.

Go to  click on the Friday july 15 date under the photograph of glass and aluminum, when that site opens look toward the upper right for "view catalog."