I occasionally get a phone call inquiring about the HACA (Hammered Aluminum Collectors Association) group or club, as  it is usually called. I really don't know how to explain our status!

Many years ago it seemed that if you were a like-interest group you were supposed to be a club, so to establish ourselves in the world of collecting, we became HACA members. We wanted no rules, we were to scattered across the nation to hold meetings, and even in areas where there might be four or five collectors the few attempts to get together were failures.

This is really hard to understand, for the collectors that I have met are a friendly group of people who certainly enjoy talking about their aluminum collection. To be sure, there are hundreds of collectors whom I have never met or heard from. Regardless, we all share a passion for this unique craft that somehow seems to slip through the cracks in the collecting platform stacked with items without the beauty or the history of our aluminum ware. 

*   Less you've forgotten, hammered aluminum was a product of the Depression years: its production
      provided an income for many workers in those difficult times.
*   It was based upon the skill and knowledge of an Italian worker and the need for another source of
     income by a business man.
*  The metal working skill that created these decorative aluminum items is an ancient one, dating back to
     the time of the Pharaohs, and handed down through the years.
*   It was completely hand made until after WWll when the mass production techniques developed during the war were applied by several companies.
*   Although the metal is no longer considered a semiprecious one, its development has a unique history
     Charles Hall  and Alcoa
*   It is as usable today as it was seventy years ago.
*   The styles and designs are graceful; the motifs are usually very detailed artwork...and remember, this art was cut into steel.

Would you believe that I am a fan of aluminum gift ware?

Okay. Now for the purpose of this rant.  For you who in the past were HACA members and you who might be interested...Do we continue the practice of calling ourselves members? There are no dues or fees involved.
Shall I add your name to the list that, technology willing, will be carried here on this site?
Tell me your thoughts.

                                              HACA MEMBER LIST.....
Dannie Woodard                                                                 Weatherford, TX
Seaneen Brennan                                                                  Saint Paul MN
Sharon Hoffman                                                                     Portland, MI

See? No more names have been added although dozens of past  members are still reading and  watching. It seems we are not 'club' people. That's okay. I'm not a joiner, either.

However, it would be nice to see your names on the followers list. I haven't forgotten  you, although it been a long time since we had contact.