Friday, May 20, 2011

HACA and Auction

Monday's conversation with Jeff, of the auction company, indicated that their plans to photograph every item, sometimes in  groups of two or three and to make detailed descriptions, would give collectors a great view or the pieces that will be auctioned. They have promised pictures and more details for publication in the Aluminist and I am waiting eagerly. This collection of Dan and Hope Overmeyer consists of several thousand pieces. However the entire collection will not be sold at this first auction. There will be following auctions. 

The auction information came to me because of our past listing in numerous antique and collectible reference books as a club or organized group. That is the very reason that I first suggested forming our make us noticed as collectors!

As members of our Hammered Aluminum Collectors Association we had no dues, no meetings, no rules or by-laws. That doesn't sound like any club that I've ever heard of but it simply established us as a group of people interested in collecting and learning about hammered aluminum.

Several blogs back, I mentioned that it would be interesting to know how many HACA members were reading the new form of the Aluminist.Yesterday I received a note from a past member expressing her interest but seeing no place to list her name. To solve that problem, use the comment block for whatever you wish to say: 

  ... A simple "Hello" with or without your full name or...
 ... Your name and place me on the HACA list or...
...  Whatever other remark you wish to share

If the comment box isn't open, click on the word comment and it should pop up.
or email me, as Seaneen did.

I should be notified automatically of your comment and if you are desiring to be on a HACA list I will add your name. (HACA is one of the pages shown at the top of each Aluminist and opens with a click) 

A review of past comments shows that I have not always been notified although the problem may have been with the times I could receive no mail for over a week. I am going back and see if everything is operating as it should.


Anyone near Glendale, CA, might enjoy a visit to the Shareourselves Thrift Shop where they might still have a large group of aluminum items. The prices of the pieces vary from $3.00 for a small bowl - up to $20.00 for a tea pot. All pieces are priced individually. Reminds me of the long ago days when we could often find an entire booth filled with aluminum.
Some of these could be useful and there might be a surprise hidden in the stack.

I saved this photo of a Palmer-Smoth zhallow bowl with cast pheasants to add to our other examples of his work. 

Ebay listed a Rodney Kent tray which was described as gold anodized. Have any of you seen  on of these? It would help to verify that it was truly anodized or simply coated with gold spray-on paint.