Monday, June 18, 2012

Catching Up

Of the 25,517 views of the Aluminist, over 3,000 were for Continental information and 1,590 were viewing Rodney Kent. Other company views ranged from Wendell August at 253 to Palmer-Smith at 1,122. Not exactly exciting information, but interesting never the less. The shopper-pleasing designs of the ‘40s and ‘50s are still holding their own, it seems.

Interested collectors having pieces of Rodney Kent have contributed information toward completing the numbering list:

# 463 ... this dish with the pale blue glass. It has also
              appeared with no mark, probably having a 
              removable tag at one time.

#472....a condiment set w/two covered jam or relish jars and
            triangular glass dishes, "U" shaped ribbon designed
            center handle.

 bucket, shown here as purchased recently along    
          with it box and tongs.

Thanks to the collectors who furnished the above information.

Now a question for you to consider: Is the lighter weight ribbon and center flower designed handle and trim that is used on some pieces a copy of the Rodney Kent heavier, more detailed decoration, or was it an adaptation by the company, as a money saving effort or to make it more easily fit some items? 
This is a lovely piece. The glass is of a quality Rodney Kent used. It is unmarked and the tab handles are different from the standard ribbon and flower designed trim. Yet I have seen this type on several pieces that seem to be authentic RK. 

Relish dish with glass 

Under side of handle

Top side or handle

Under tray w/o glass.

Your comments are welcome! There is definitely one line of products that were either copying Rodney Kent as near as the law would allow, or trying to follow the RK popularity by creating something similar. This dish above is much nearer to the           original than the products of other "knock offs."
A copy or an adaptation? Try out the comment section below and lets see what others think.