Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Welcome once more, into our world of decorative aluminum giftware. It's been a while since your last Aluminist....actually, it's been a very long while since the last Aluminist was published . I've missed it and I hope you have.

The past years have been filled with various illnesses, deaths, and other upheavals on the home front. My husband passed away Dec. 2 after four years of declining health. He was a hard working man and as a child of the Great Depression, had worked from a very early age. After serving in the CCC's (Civilian Conservation Corp), he returned to school and that is where we met. We graduated together; he went into the Naval Air Corp and I went to college. He was soon unhappy with that arrangement and we were
married in 1943 and celebrated our 66th anniversary Nov. 1. What a life we have lived!

The news of the fire destroying the Wendell August Forge flew through the collecting community,leaving us with both sadness and disbelief that such an icon of our collecting world was no more. At that time we were told that there were plans to rebuild and that the precious dies in their vault were saved.More up-to-date news is that they are ready for business with a new catalog filled with beautiful items
with that familiar Wendell August Forge look.

A few new collectors have contacted me, and I expect there are many more unknown ones. Because of the lack of recent publicity, the last years have not been good ones for bringing newcomers into the field, unless they, like we old timers, have been attracted to the appearance of the metal itself. What we so often refer to as the "good stuff" has been in short supply although many charming and usable items
may often be found at reasonable prices.

There have many more questions inquiring about disposing of existing collections as many collectors are moving into smaller homes or, sadly, as estate sales are being planned.
The late Jack Markovich, a long time collector from New York, left his collection to me. Unfortunately, I have yet to see any of it since being notified of his wishes in January of 2009. My curiosity has prompted a phone call but there has been no reply.

Collectors, Obie and Doris Cramer sent a picture of these unmarked salad servers wondering if anyone had any information relating to the maker. I consider this purchase to be a great bargain, for unique pieces usually command the highest prices of all. The Cramers are among some of the most successful collectors, finding unusual items whenever they are traveling.

This a small portion of a newsletter I have been attempting to format successfully in a different program from that of past years. I am hoping to renew old contacts and create many new ones. The newsletters of the past 2o years are still available...and I have unearthed several boxes of Hammered Aluminum - Hand wrought Collectibles Bk. II,
but none of the first book although there were 2 reprints! Sorry!

I may be reached here ( I hope) or by writing to P.O. Box 1346, Weatherford, TX 76086 or by phone 817/594/4680 or email