Tuesday, November 8, 2011

More Lamps

Continuing the posting of the lamp collection........and thanks to Charlie for sharing!

Wendell August lamp,
Pine motif
Detail of top design,
Pine motif

Detail of lamp base 

WAF with Crossed Swords and Crown 

WAF with Angel Fish motif


Detail of light section,

Angel Fish motifon lamp base

I have a project started for future posts to this blog.  My plan is to picture all the known motifs used in the early years of hammered aluminum production. It's an awesome undertaking and although I have an incomplete list of names, clear photos of each motif is a work in progress. 

Today, I couldn't wait to post thes lamp phtoes, part of the fabulous Weissman collection. Each lamp is shown with  a close-up of details.

This is a Wendell August Forge lamp with the thistle motiff. The detail on the base is more of the Palmer-Smith style.

The Greecian motif on another lamp made by the Forge. Below, another Forge lamp with the Greecian motif.

Detail of moti collector titled this

A floor lamp by the World 
company. Who would have
dreamed that they made

This lamp was another shocker for me. I never dreamed Canterbury Arts made anything as unique as a lamp. This moti is a favorite of mine. Finding the ingraver's name hidden among the detailed floweres and foliage has always been special. Does anyone have information about either C.C. Pflanz or J. Hattrick? One of our collector researchers ran into a suddenly closed door as he pursued details of the lives of these men. It's a puzzle.

In the past we have given descriptive names to many patterns that have no official names. Should this be called Floral Wreath? Floral Circle?  Rose and Thistle?

Detail o motif

Another lamp made by World, using a Swan motif.

I am amazed at these finds. Viewing these photos has been a real treasure hunt, and adds so much to our knowledge of the items produced in those long-ago days.

I'm experiencing some technical problems so am publishing this before all everything disappears, as this sentence did, a moment ago!