Saturday, February 18, 2012

Wendell August Motifs, continued

     As the oldest company producing hammered aluminum, and one of the few that resumed production after the restrictions of WWII, their variety of motif is extensive. It was a relief to learn that after that terrible fire a few years ago, all their dies had been saved.
     We collectors have become very attached to the products of those early years, and the unique time-period they represent.

Bartray in Sail 
Matchbox cover in Sail
    In addition, then, as now, styles and interests changed, and designs and motifs also changed with the times.  At one time, sailing scenes, called simply "Sail," in their catalog listings,were very popular, and were created in a variety of scenes on objects as small as the tiny match folder holders, to

 large trays that did double duty as table tops.  A murch larger tray in the Sail motif, is shown with it table stand, turned on it's side to show its pattern. The 'fish hook' handles have made it a favorite style.

The preceding Aluminist showed a ship's wheel, a motif used on a variety of
trays, and could be considered a member of the Sails group, or at least, part of the sporting motifs.

On a matchbox cover
Other sporting scenes were popular: Polo, fishing, and huntingwere a few. This polo scene was used on both a bar tray and a larger serving tray, and a small portion of it on a matchbox cover.

Trout on a line



There's many, many more, and some of you collectors may have a few
photos to share.

Please share pictures or information for this pioneering effort to record the
motifs of all the companies.