The Other Me

    Although I am most often connected to my aluminum collecting, I have had another life!   
     My husband and I had 66 years of marriage before I lost him. We raised five children, their activities taking us in many directions: For me there were 21 years of Scouting, For my husband, there was his love of horses which soon involved the kids (and me, as support person) in horse shows and trail rides, and a 4-H horse project group. 
     We soon found our different interests were involving each of us in interests we had never dreamed of. His business had me bookkeeping and his love of horses soon involved the entire family in horse shows and trail rides. My scouting made him a scout dad, helping with the drudgery of making camp safe, and chauffeuring a carload of girls to summer camp. My aluminum collecting was also turning into something I didn't expect and he and I made many trips to PA to the shows that were held there.
    Now, having reached that special age that causes doctors and dentist to preface their diagnosis with “At your age….” I am enjoying sharing some of those experiences with you.  If any of these tweak a memory of yours, the comment section is waiting for you. Join me at the Rocking Chair