Tuesday, May 22, 2012


  From our collections...

        Many collectors have enjoyed a candy dish like this. This one holds a pale pink Fostoria glass dish. This may not have been the original glass. Mine was a clear glass and not being knowable about glass, I never identified it. 

      The combination of glass with the fancy flower and ribbon-styled handles and trim made some of the most attractive serving pieces on the market and today these pieces are usually the highest priced of all useable serving pieces. 
      If you frequent garage sales of flea markets , a missing glass insert may be found as a replacement..    Many glass manufacturers produced some standard styles and sizes and Rodney Kent was not the only purchaser. Without a complete record of Rodney Kent's products, we'll never be sure if our glass insert is original or one that has been paired later. Even if they fit perfectly, we can't be sure unless the shape is a unique one such as this square under tray and dish shown next.

      Until I saw these pieces together, I didn't trust the telephone description to be correct. The dish is a pale blue, opalescent type of glass, and that didn't fit with my image of clear or Ruby Red glass that I had seen in the past.

This piece has the rectangular mark.

The Rodney Kent company was especially adept at taking an item, such as a bowl, and using it as a basket, or adding handles, or setting it on a pedestal. An under tray often found itself holding a different type of glassware.

The coasters we are familiar with are shown below adapted into candle holders.

 The number list ... to be continued when Sandra can send her photographs. 

        Unless stated otherwise, all handled pieces are in the flower and ribbon design,    finials are of tulip design, and the motif is of tulips. The only piece without the tulip motif that I am aware of, is the under tray for the butter dish. As you will see, this list is not complete. Neither are the descriptions complete. Collectors, back in the days of the mail-out newsletter, kindly sent in descriptions of their numbered pieces and often forgot some part of the information. All their contributions are appreciated and any notes today’s collectors can add to this list will be a boon to all Rodney Kent collectors.

400    tray, 11 x 14, w/o handles
401    covered dish or candy box, all alum.
402    tray, 14” dia.
403    relish set, generally called dresser set. 2 glass dishes w/alum.
 lids and caddy
404    bread tray, 12”, scalloped lip, handles.
405    silent butler, 7”. Also toast tray.
406    bread tray, 12”, w/o handles, scalloped lip
407    casserole holder, pedestal, handles
408    tray, 12 x 16, handles
409    tray/basket, curved up edges, handle
410    compote, covered, 6” dia., finial, holds glass dish, ribbon styled stand, 6” height.
412    lazy Susan,  groups of tulips. Also rec. tray w/handles
413    lazy Susan, 18”
414    tray, 17” dia.
415 bowl , salad, 11” dia, pedestal,, 5” height, handles w/serving
            utensilsw/ribbon design handles
416    crumb tray, 2-piece
417    candy/nut dish,6”,  hex shape
418    candy/nut, 7”, fluted
420    cake basket, 7’ X 11”, bail type handle
421    plate, 11 ½”
422    bowl, 10”, loop handles
423    tray, 14” x 20”, handles
424    tray, 17 ½ handles
426    silent butler, 7 ½ dia.
427    silent butler, 5 ½ “ x, 7 ½”
428    silent butler, 5” x 7”, applied looped ribbon decoration beneath tulip finial
429    basket, 7”, turned up fluted edge, bail handle

                My list ends with #479 although I have a note of a #499 tray with no further description.
                 How great it would be to create a Rodney Kent catalog complete with photos and numbers.
                 More numbers and photographs soon.