Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Who are our viewers?

Hm-m-m.  Today I received a newsletter  from the Association of Collecting Clubs. It reminds me that several years ago we aluminum collectors called ourselves members of HACA (Hammered Aluminum Collectors Association). With no large group in any location we were unable to be anything but a widely scattered group of collectors who wanted no set rules or meetings. The title did give us a bit of prestige and we made friends through the Aluminist and the ten Hammered Aluminum shows before the scarcity of aluminum and the great distances so many of us had to travel made further shows impossible.

Those were the "good ole days" of our collecting. While today the Aluminist is widely read with over 28,000 page views from dozens of countries, we no longer have that close association with each other. I miss it. Comments are often sent to my email address instead of being posted in the comment section of each posting for other readers to see and possibly respond to. And that is okay. But it  makes me wonder if  it's  difficult to post a comment? Are my readers shy? Afraid to show their name or have others read their comments?

It really isn't all that complicated to sign in. And you can remain anonymous! It would be so interesting to know where you are from and what your interests are - or even a bit about your country's customs. Did you start collecting the U.S.A. or just get curious about this aluminum giftware industry?

I'm a bit embarrassed that with all these thousands of viewers, I have an official number of followers of TWENTY-ONE.  Do me a favor, readers. Don't be shy. I'm a really friendly Texan who'd like to hear from you. Make a comment - say "hi" or simply say where you are located. Also, on the right side of the blog is a blue high-lighted "Join this site" ready to be clicked. Then follow choose one of the options to become a follower.

And then there's email. I welcome it all.

The last two months have been extremely busy ones and in a few days I'll be telling you all about what's been happening and the questions I've received.

Until then.....