Friday, May 27, 2011

Auction and new Continental photo

Updating the auction information: the sale will include 100s of pieces of vintage aluminum gift wares from the collection of Dan & Hope Overmeyer.

The companies represented include a wide range of makers including these:

 Wendell August Fordge, Palmer Smith, Buenilum, Everlast, Continental, Arthur-Armour, Bruce Fox, Cellini-Craft, Shup Laird,J. Braun, Guildcraft and more.
Wendell August vases w/La Mirada
ceramic insert.

The ball feet indicate this is

These tall flower candlesticks are 
NEKRASSOFF. The accepted 
knowledge of  his work is that 
he did not work in aluminum.

The candle snuffer, lower right, is Cellini; upper right is J braun.
Several companies added these bakelite type touches of decoration
to their wares, including Shup Laird.

These Everlast pieces are more familiar!
I was given a link to the auction company's website but have found no information on getting a catalog. Perhaps in the next update.
Click here to view their website.

Two names have been added to the HACA page; also a few prices on the Sale page. Additions to a page of photos has some problems.

While checking over some of the items pictured I was reminded of an unusual on the Continental ice bucket in the Corduroy pattern. See below.

More auction photographs soon and perhaps some information on their catalog.