Saturday, December 11, 2010


This post will feature a part of Charlie's collection of servers. The process of transferring them into this viewing area has been challenging: first into iPhoto, then one by one here. In making their moves the captions Charlie had so thoughtfully included, first turned into gibberish and then stayed in iPhoto, leaving me to make the match-up. I'm sure there is a slick, easy professional way to have handled this but I have none of those traits.

Some of these servers represent companies that did not manufacture a great amount of products, so that makes them even more unique and I am looking forward to sharing the remainder of the 43 photographs.

Millpond Copper Craft

Palmer-Smith Greek Ke
Arthur Armour w/twist
Wendell August cake server

Millpond Copper Crafts
Palmer-Smith   Flamingo
Posibably Argental w/butterscotch bakelite
Cellini Craft...Argental
California Made....14"

Wendell August...cross stripes

This blog has been visited by persons who are familiar with Grove City, either living there at present, or having other connections there. I welcome them and hope that if they have memories of the Forge or any of the workers, they will consider sharing them with us.

I have had a request for pricing information on Palmer-Smith items; both aluminum and linens. I am assuming these have a direction connection to the Palmer family but have no pictures or other information. Can anyone help with this? What is going on in the PS sale world. I am especially lost on the prices of any of his linens. 

I recently saw a Rodney Kent tray advertised as being gold anodized. This is new to me. Has anyone seen a RK piece that came from the factory as a gold anodized piece?

Electric Continental Coffee Urn...$112-----Sold
Rodney Kent:...  Sm. 3-pc. dish with glass insert priced at $40.00

Next post very soon. In the line-up are more servers, additional match box covers, and a few pieces of the old pre-hammered era aluminum items.