Tuesday, July 13, 2010


There will be many collectors who do not do internet and have no interest in making the attempt. For those folks I hope to get setup to once more send out the old style Aluminist. This blogging system, however, is so convenient that it is going to be very simply to share our thoughts at any time ... after each of us learn "the ropes", that is!

Several readers have had trouble getting there comments to go through or in being able to become a follower. I believe that the Blogger help site will actually be helpful.

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  1. I'm so pleased to see this attractive blog. I've been slowly downsizing my collection with the goal of keeping about 40-50 favorites.

    Sometimes the obstacle to Internet use is not having a computer. I've found that people are surprised that public computers (and often help) are available at senior centers and/or libraries. I've been a volunteer computer tutor and have found that people learn more easily when having a specific goal such as reading this blog. So please spread the word about public computers!