Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Getting started,..

Getting started on an Aluminist blog has been extremely difficult for this editor. All my past years of experience in other fields have been of no help as formatting, making corrections, and finding disappearing pictures, have been dealt with. Help pages have not helped. Most speak a language I am not familiar with or refer to other pages with the same confusing wording.

A few email messages have told me several of you are having the same problem. The Blogger Help may solve some of these problems and is easy to find with a Google search (or whatever search engine you are using). Even so, have you ever had had a set of direction that did leave room for doubt? What about the instructions to "cross the bridge and turn left"? Is the large culvert with it's rails considered a bridge? Or what about "Turn right at the first traffic signal"? Is the blinking warning light considered a traffic signal or is it the regular full size one seen several blocks away? So-o-o, navigating in an unfamiliar area gets to be a big problem!

Another major problem is the message that the site cannot be found. Usually this is a temporary situation but sometimes happens when there is mistake in entering the address. There is no room for error in this supposedly simple system.

A list of preferences for future blogs was successfully listed by one collector and those and any others you might add will be our guide.

Please hang in there! I hope to see your comments. I hope to see that there are scads of followers. I hope to soon see new names added to the old familiar list of collectors.

Next blog will be about aluminum with more photos. May I use your first name in making references to collections or questions?


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