Monday, June 27, 2011

Wendell August motifs

Catching up:
     Numerous emails came in concerning Continental. Judging by the number of comments and questions that are received, the popularity of this company's Mum  motif seems to surpass all other aluminum gift wares. What is your favorite motif? Your favorite piece?

       Questions concerning prices arrive often.  This Cellini vase below is going on eBay and the seller was curious about its value. What would your estimate be? It is gorgeous but has darkened interior and inside pitting.

Cellini vase with black
bakelite and alum. base.
Double stamped

Flaw on one side


Apple blossom,

Fleur de lis motif (listed as Grecian in
Conestoga auction catalog


Coffee Bean 

Patterns listed as available on select pieces in the 1948 catalog include Apple (commonly spoken of as Apple Blossom),  Pine, Bittersweet, Dogwood, Cactus, Ducks, Sail, Bird Dog, Trout, Horse Head, Sailboat, Educational, Daisy, Grape, Turkey, Tropical Fish, Iris, and Water Lily.


  1. Dannie, When I had my store, Continental Chrysanthemum was the hands down winner. My collection has more Arthur Armour, Wendell August and Canterbury Arts. I have always liked the floral motifs, especially WAF day lily pattern. Favorite items? WAF orchid (Iris?) vases with la mirada inserts. I have two flanking the mantle of my fireplace...stunning with white tulips in them.

  2. and I thought Rodney Kent was gorgeous !!! The pitting you mention .. wouldn't that actually lend itself to its charm and integrity - thus ensuring a good price ?? The value ??? I venture to say it's up there .... tho' the market has taken a nosedive ... perhaps at least $125 ?

  3. Susan, I too, am partial to floral motifs, and judging by the number of Mum pieces that CO manufactured a large number of people felt the same!
    Marybeth, I expect you're close on the price although, for the seller's sake, I would hope it brings more. I need to watch it on ebay! The pitting is hidden so that should not be an issue except for perfectionists.