Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Hook

Everlast Motifs

When I bought my first piece of aluminum I had no intention of buying more. But I did. Again and again. Fifty years later I can still be tempted, but not easily.

This group of plates below, is another happenstance. I saw one, liked it, and since the price was right, bought it.  Look what happened!

These do not represent all of the Everlast Company's motifs. Spring Flowers, Bali Bamboo, Jack in the Pulpit, Sports  and several versions of Rose are missing. On the other hand, one or two of these plates have motifs I have not seen on any of the company's other products. Are there more plates with other motifs? I'm curious. Has anyone else been hooked by these unique old plates. I'm curious

A stack of these fifteen plates are heavy! Although these are of a heavier gauge aluminum than later products, and the style of the plates looks like they might belong to the 40s, that is speculation on my part. The are not rare, although some motifs are more plentiful than others. The unnamed one, top row, left, is my latest addition.

Buttercup or Primrose


Berry-in circle

Waterlily - Lotus

sometimes called Parrot Tulip

Wild Flowers
Rose Bouquet


Oasis - ?

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