Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Collection of Wastebaskets

      This is mind-boggling. Forty wastebaskets! At one time I may have owned as many as twelve––now reduced to tour.
   With these pictures, Charlie is sharing another group of his extensive collection.
Armour...World Map



Wendell August...Pine 
WA...Apple blossom
WA ....Pine

WA...square shape...Pine
Peoples Grove City  

WA....Fleur de Lis
WA..Crossed Swords & Crown

WA...Amish scence
WA...Alcoa Elevator Motif

WA...Wheat Sheaf

WA...Dogwood. oval

WA..Pine, oval...banded top
WA...Saguaro Cacti, oval

Clayton Sheasley...Coach & Four, hex

 Sheasley...Pine... hex shape

Sheasley...Coach..round shape


bekk tiwer,


DePonceau...described this as
a scene from his kitchen window.

Everlast...Poppy...wild flowers

John Findley...Butterfly
Findley...Stone house



Wilson Specialties....Flower Wreath
flat on back side

HC...Made by Pisconni and Rossi. An early
piece.  Calla Lily

When possible the company's catalog name is used, but many are yet unknown. Collectors have given names to many motifs, using what seems to be the most obvious feature.

I hope all the captions 'fit' the photos. This group has wandered around the page, determined to find their very own choice spot instead of the one I choose, and I can only hope they took their names with each move.

Again, I thank Charlie for sharing another large part of his collection with us. Sharing collections, or a recent purchase, was the purpose of starting The Aluminist back in the '80s. That, and publishing the continuing updates on the industry, remains our purpose today.

A few more items have been added to the sale list (see Sales on the list of pages above), and more will be added soon.




  1. I think the last one, the Rossi and Pisoni HC [Hand Crafted], is the stunner of the collection. Thank you, Charlie, for sending these in.

  2. I have one of the apple blossom baskets, not the same as in the pic. I have a oval one and the apple blossoms go to the top of of my basket and the no. on the bottom is 910 and it still has It's blue lable on it. My ? was how old is the one in Charlie's collection and did they make rounds and ovals in the same yr. my husband found this one in the trash and now It's a treasure to me! Thanks Sooo much for your

  3. I have the sailboat wastebasket, and am looking to sell it through my etsy shop. I realize that it is an early design. I am curious if anyone on this sight would be interested in purchasing it? I'd be willing to negotiate on price.