Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Motifs of Wendell August

       This month's picture taking turned out rather poorly, but I remain enarmoured by these old motifs.Some of the older ones are going to be a real problem, as they are on large trays that were also used for table tops


                                              Until then, here are more examples:

American Quarter Horse
The Elephant, right is especially impressive on a bar tray, showing a herd of five, moving in line,    
                                                         across the plain

Apple is the name used in old catalogues.
Not apple blossem, just apple.


Ship's wheel. Probably a
part of their Sails group

The daisies here are in a natralistic design. In another motif, they are used as a scattering of flowers across  small plate.

There was a period when all sports such as sailing or polo, were a popular theme for many companies.


Time to quit while all pictures are in in place, It takes so little to scatter pics and captions helter skelter across the page. More later.


  1. OMG I love Wendell August. A few years ago We were at an antique mall in Cambridge Ohio where I say a full tea cart in aluminum hand-wrought with a woodlands scene with deer. The handle, legs, and wheels all looked like pine with needles and pinecones. It was gorgeous. Couldn't see who the mfg was.

  2. Has anyone else seen a cart like this. It's new to me. Was it all aluminum or partly wooden? Oh, for a picture? Or better,yet, to have one sitting by my dining room window!