Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Collection of Palmer-Smith Matchbox Holders

One reader, a long time collector, has shared the part of his matchbox collection that includes those made by Palmer-Smith.  I believe his entire matchbox collection numbers over 125 and he is still in the market for more. If you have any for sale please respond in the comment section.
In the group below,there are kitchen match size covers, coffee table size covers and  pocket size.









horse head

daisy swirl

    Thanks to Charlie for sending those great photos of a few of his matchbox covers, and also, to all those in the past who have sent information and/or pictures. Many of those will continue to be posted here.
    It would have been so much better to have grouped these in their proper categories of kitchen, coffee table or pocket size. Naturally, there are pattern repeats in the various styles so all of the pictures that were sent were not reproduced here. These shown here have dashed around all over the page and it will be interesting to see where they settle in when I click the publish button Hoping to solve some of the things that are causing the most problems in publishing the Aluminist, I have signed on to a 4-week Blog Triage with daily assignments. This is a jump into the unknown, but you may be able to follow along as I do my homework.
    Today the assignment is about the type of readers I would like to visit the Aluminist  and give some thought to their location and even their ages. I think we learned many years ago that we are located "all over"...but did you know that there are readers to this blog from many countries other than the U.S? Being so scattered has always presented a problem in having shows or meetings. Sharing through the Aluminist has been our answer. We also come in all ages although those of us who met through attendance at the shows are now some twenty years older. How can it be!
    In creating the blog, Aluminist, as a substitute for the older version of the bimonthly newsletter of past years, I have been attempting to cope with several problems in this new media.  Although the present readers are mainly collectors of many years experience, there are also new collectors to the field. 
    This collecting field welcoms the interest of these new collectors, for not only is it a pleasure to meet others with our collecting interest but it could be beneficial in other ways. Many of our long-time collectors have collected since the 1960s and after fifty years their changing life styles are forcing them to downsize or dispose of their collections and would welcome an opportunity to place place a few of their beloved pieces with a new group of collectors. In addition, collectors who are new to this arena, will often often find more unique pieces for sale by some of our long-time collectors. Attracting the attention of a new collector or one who might become interested is a problem I have not yet seriously considered.
       My readers of the old paper version appear to be pleased with the blog although they very seldom take advantage of the comment section.   The problem is that so many of us are computer challenged and many of my older collectors cannot do this.  In addition to this handicap, the wording of some of the “gadgets” on Blogspot seems to confuse many, although I have given limited instructions.
     The Aluminist blog is filled with photos and brief historical information. However hard I work at getting an attractive layout of the pictures accompanied with appropriate remarks, when the material is published, it is often scattered in an unattractive and senseless manner. This does not appear to bother the readers but it does disturb me. That is another area that is a work in progress.
    My challenges appear to be: attracting attention of collectors scattered across the nation, and getting active participation from viewers, plus controlling the appearance of my blog.



  1. Wow - you do bring it home, Dannie. I have been collecting for 30 years!! Didn't actually realize that much time had gone by. It all started with a little butter dish I found for 0.10 cents...

  2. I have recently come across a Palmer-Smith matchbook cover, marked 117B, and noticed through research on this page exclusively that they are collectible. Can anyone tell me how much they are worth, and for what the one I have was likely for? I'm thinking pocket, b/c of it's size. Thank you!

  3. It's very difficult to give a price because so many things are involved. To name a few, a collector might....

    1. collect anything of Palmer-Smith
    2. collect only small items
    3. be a collector of smoking memeobalia
    4. or a collector of these matchbox covers and want this particular motif.

    Large covers were obviously for the large 'kitchen size' boxes. Often kitchens had a hanging box to hold the matches that were so necessary years ago. These were usually painted with various designs. These largest aluminum covers fit that size match box, and of course, were made to sit on a table top. A smaller size was made to hold what was generally spoken of as the 'penny' size box of matches, handy for pocket or purse. Then there is the little holder for a match folder, those little give-aways that were handy to carry.

    Back in the heyday of aluminum giftware, smoking was not frowned upon, and a hostess often provided a variety of smoking accessories for her guests' convenience.

    Perhaps other readers will chime with their thoughts on today's values of these little charmers.